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RX-7 Veilside

Horizonte de sucesos 

 You see the thing is, these females will never be enough if you aren’t enough. Repeating the same offenses our fathers did, chasing women who don’t need to be chased, focus on what you have before you. Obviously, if you a single cat you may have 1 or 3 females that you have your eye on. Study them, they’re studying you. See if they are kind, how they handle bad news, how they take good news, what kind of intellect they display. At the end of the day, don’t go for the girl who makes your dick hard, go for the girl that makes your life complete. Give her everything, and she will give you the world. And if you with a female that ain’t doing any of that, stop and think about why you are where you are. 

Work hard in silence; let success make the noise.
Artist: Nas
Album: Life is Good
Song: Cherry Wine ft. Amy Winehouse
Plays: 5,315