infinite Alaska. photo by red biplane

Tribute to my teenage companion! This is one of the fruits of studying 19th century modern art!
Come, green cockatrice!
 Come, filthy draught of fire! 
Green dancing fiend! 
Fire my fierce brain!
 Resolve my rotted heart!
 Fill me with drunkenness
Excuses don’t make Excellence

I don’t know about you, but sometimes you see people who are successful, and it’s easy to rationalize a reason.

"Well I’d be doing good too if I had __".

And that feeling, it never stops. You could be a millionaire and you’d look at people who are billionaires and think to yourself, “well they probably had this or that, and that’s why they can make it.”
And the thing is, you’re not wrong. You have no clue of knowing what a person has done to get where they are or get what they have.
But rest assured, the longer you look at them, the less time you have to work on you.


T H A N O S  &  G A M O R AWARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH #9 (October 1992)Art by Angel Medina (pencils), Bob Almond (inks) & Ian Laughlin (colors)

Jonathan Puntervold

"Place de la Concorde" by Piet Mondrian

— Stephen Fabian

Paranorman Foamposites by Erik Marroquin


Never to early!

Thor & The AvengersJOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #108 (Sept. 1964)Art by Jack Kirby & Chic StoneWords by Stan Lee